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[Palm Bay, Florida, July 2019] The Florida Based non-profit educational outreach organization, Blazing Trails, announced today that it has teamed with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s STEM educational outreach program, NASA HUNCH (High school students United with NASA to Create Hardware), to promote advanced manufacturing, technology, and skilled trade based careers on Florida’s Space Coast and across the United States.


This Partnership will leverage relationships with industry partners to promote high tech jobs with American manufacturers. Participants will include high school and college students that are exploring STEAM related career paths. Students will have the opportunity to explore career path directions that ultimately produce stable and good paying jobs in American industries.


Educational tools to spark student’s curiosity in high tech advanced manufacturing will be continuously developed based on the work force requirements of participating manufacturers. Among the tools already developed are those that are being used in NASA’s Rockets to Race cars educational outreach that helps students to learn the science behind high performance vehicles of all kinds.

Blazing Trails is the brainchild of Larsen Motorsports President and Florida Institute of Technology jet dragster driver Elaine Larsen who has committed her life to help today’s youth find a direction that allows them to live their dreams. “It’s important for today’s youth, for America's workforce, and for manufacturing in America.” says Larsen.  Lisa Passarelli, NASA Project Manager for NASA HUNCH at Kennedy Space Center, said, “I look forward to working with Blazing Trails as we share with students of all ages the STEM science behind rocket engines and jet engines, space suits and fire suits, and a the wide variety of equipment found in both vehicles.  As we share the science, we will also share the education paths and career fields that support our high-tech industries across America.”

The collaboration will initially be activated on Florida’s Space Coast with plans to quickly create a nationwide technology roadshow that will travel to locations across the United States as additional partners join the initiative.


Blazing Trails is a non-profit educational outreach program that allows students” hands on" skills, taking what kids learn in the classroom and directly applying it to real world applications.  It's time to stop sitting back and watching the action, put yourself in the driver's seat and Blaze your own Trail!




For more information or to learn how you can be part of this exciting program in your area of the United States see or email to

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Blazing Trails Announces Partnership with NASA HUNCH

Blazing Trails and NASA HUNCH to inspire students with

NASA’s Rockets to Race Cars

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