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The amazing thing about art is that it is all around us! No matter what business or field you are in, art will play a big role. Some of the more basic forms of art are: 

Drawing, Painting, Sculpting, and Writing. There are so many ways to take these forms and turn them into careers. 

Some of the careers that are of utmost importance for a race team are: 

  • Painter

  • Pinstriper

  • Photographer

  • Web Designer 

  • Fashion Designer 

  • Graphic Designer 

  • Airbrush painter 

  • Graphic Illustrator 

  • Story Board Illustrator 

  • Special Effects Makeup 

  • Mural Artist 

  • Screen Printer 

  • Commercial Artist 

  • Digital 3D Modeller 

  • Furniture Designer 

  • Tattoo Artist 

  • Calligraphy Artist 

  • Videographer