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Blazing Trails is working with trail blazers within industry in order to change the way that things are done. These are just a few of the Projects being done with Blazing Trails. 

Biofuel Project

Blazing Trails, in partnership with Northrop Grumman, Larsen Motorsports, and Florida Tech, is currently working on a Biofuel / Additive Manufacturing Material Compatibility Research project. This project is being funded by a grant provided by Northrop Grumman Corporation. To learn more about this biofuel project, check out the full press release by clicking HERE


Rockets 2 Racecars

Blazing Trails is working with NASA's Rockets to Racecars to compare NASA's rockets to the LMS jet dragsters. There are many elements to compare and contrast, and the best way to see these comparisons is by clicking HERE

Episode 1 Intro Updated.jpg

In Person Field Trips

Blazing Trails hosts field trips at their headquarters, at schools, and at race tracks across the country! To learn more about field trips click HERE

Field Trips.png

Virtual Field Trips

Blazing Trails understands that sometimes the best way to reach students is through a virtual platform. Blazing Trails has gone virtual! Find out more information about our virtual lesson plans and field trips by clicking HERE.

virtual field trip_edited.jpg

Adventures of Blaze

The Adventures of Blaze is a comic book series written by Elaine Larsen. This series follows a jet car driver named Blaze. Blaze takes on many challenges, but with the help of her team she seems to always learn the important lessons. To learn more about The Adventures of Blaze and the lesson plans that go along with the comics, click HERE

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