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Welcome to the Blazing Trails lesson plans page! Here, you will find a variety of free educational resources designed to inspire and engage students in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) learning. We offer a diverse range of virtual learning experiences designed to inspire students of all ages and educational levels. Each program is designed to enhance understanding and make STEAM fun.

Click on the links below to explore:

Perfect for preschool and early elementary aged children, this exciting children's book follows Piper the Pug and his pals on their racing adventures.

Join Lauren-Ann as she explores the similarities and differences between NASA's rocket technology and Larsen Motorsports' jet racing vehicles. This series is best suited for 7th and 8th graders.

Follow Halley Sparks in this intergalactic racing comic book series as she travels, teaching readers about STEM in a fun and engaging way. Designed for middle through high school students.

This video and poster provide an in-depth look at the Florida Tech jet dragster, explaining key concepts such as human factors, downforce, thrust, and more. Ideal for high school students.

Learn about the different parts of the Gen 6 Florida Tech Jet Dragster, gaining an understanding of its design and engineering. Ideal for 8th through 12th grade students.

To support our video series, we provide free downloadable guided questions that help reinforce key concepts and encourage critical thinking.

How to Use These Lesson Plans

Our lesson plans are designed to be flexible and easy to integrate into your curriculum. Whether you're a teacher looking for supplementary materials or a student eager to explore new topics, our resources are here to help you succeed. Simply click on the links above to access the virtual learning programs and download the guided questions to get started.

Field Trip Opportunities

For more information or to arrange a STEAM event, including school visits, race track field trips, or tours of the Larsen Motorsports facility, please reach out to us. We offer both virtual and in-person options to suit your needs.

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