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Can be scheduled either at your school

or at our Race Shop in Palm Bay, FL

Join Blazing Trails and experience hands-on education in the high-performance vehicles industry.  Students, grades 9-12 and teachers will be able to take a field trip to fuel their need for speed.  The time to sit back and watch is over, it's time to be a part of the action.  Lunch and transportation are not included.  Sign up today for this fun-filled, educational event.


•The science of aerodynamics – see an actual wind tunnel in use

•Mechanical Engineering – materials structures and stress analysis

•Chemical Engineering – chemical mixing ratios to make composite components in almost any shape imaginable, Bio Fuels research

•Thrust Propulsion – internal combustion turbine engine vs rockets.  Learn how a gas turbine and rocket work and why are they used in different applications

•Business and Marketing –creating graphics arts, producing live action videos, business of motorsports and marketing campaigns

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