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    While drivers do not need a formal higher education like College, they do have to go through driver training and the licensing process. Drivers must also have skills that go outside of the Driver's Seat. Public speaking is a huge part of a Driver's responsibilities. Drivers have to speak in front of large crowds each and every weekend during race season. Drivers must also understand the importance of proper hospitality towards fans, sponsors, track officials, and anyone else who they might encounter. Proper hospitality includes kind and professional behavior. Drivers also need, at the very least, a basic understanding of marketing so that they can sell their dream to sponsors.

    Human factors is another important piece of a good driver. The Driver has to be able to communicate what they feel inside of the car to their crew members who are outside of the cars. If a Driver is uncomfortable with some element of the car they are able to work through it with their team members. Drivers do all of these things, and many many more. If you are interested in becoming a driver it is important to contact a race team and see what their specific qualifications and requirements are. 

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