Marketing is a broad category that encompasses many different things. The "Four P's" of marketing is a great place to start this explanation. Product, Place, Price, and Promotion are the most simple terms of understanding marketing. Here are some important jobs that are associated with each of the Four P's: 


         Getting informed on what you are trying to sell. 

         Explaining to outside parties what your product does. 

         Product Development 

         Product Sales 

         Sales Development 


          Working logistics 

           Targeting the correct markets 

           Working to segment the total market 


           Researching customer perception of value

           Looking into competitors pricing 

           Developing pricing strategies for your particular company 


            Social Media Specialist 



            Website Designer 

            Graphic Designer 

            Photo Editor 

            Video Editor 


   Education: Since Marketing is such a broad category it is hard to say the exact amount of schooling a particular career would require. There are marketing bachelor (4 year) degrees available at Universities that would cover the majority of the options mentioned. 

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