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Other Important Areas

This is an area that requires a little bit of exploration. Some of the careers that are most important in the Jet Racing Industry do not fit into a specific category. Make sure to explore all of your interests when looking at the lists that we have provided. Understand that there are so many other career options available, Blazing Trails only touches the surface of what is necessary in this industry. 

Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) Mechanic:

   A&P mechanics work on airplanes and repair/service all parts in an airplane except for the instruments. In order to become an A&P mechanic you must be FAA certified or have relevant work experience, and be 18 years old. In this education program you do not need a college education, the FAA certification is the only form of education that is necessary outside of a high school degree. An A&P mechanic can choose to get an associates degree in aviation maintenance technology or aviation technical engineering. 


Crew Chief:

   On the Larsen Motorsports Jet Racing team there is always at least one crew chief per car and driver. The crew chiefs on our team have to go through a specific crewing class designed directly based off of the NHRA Jet racing rules. This class is primarily taught by Chris Larsen at the Larsen Motorsport's facility. Crewing a car is about making sure that the driver has a safe and reliable car to go down the track in. The crew chief is in charge of all maintenance that can be done at the race track between runs. There are many variations of crew chiefs all across Motorsports, so what we do isn't necessarily all that's available. Check out some other forms of racing to see what they require: 

      Dirt Track Racing

      Land Speed Racing 


      Sprint Car Racing 

      Motorcross Racing 

      Fourwheeler Racing 

      Boat Racing  

    And so many more...

Truck Driver

   One of the most important jobs is transporting our race teams from one location to another. Truck drivers are essential to our business model, and for so many others. The open road can be home to so many memories. In most trucking scenarios a driver must first obtain a Commercial Driver's License (CDL), which has guidelines and requirements of its own, depending on your state. The driver must then attend a truck driving school and be at least 21 years of age. It is important to uphold a clean driving record to become a truck driver, and to be able to pass certain physical tests. There is no degree program that is required to become a professional truck driver.



   Welding is an essential part of fabricating a jet car. Welders take the parts and pieces that the fabricator create and join them together utilizing the TIG welding process. Welding has many different processes and many different certifications. A skilled welder can work in a variety of industries including but not limited to the following:



     Commercial and Residential Building


     Art / Decorative 



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