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Jet Life with Maggy

Hey! My name is Maggy Szymanski. I am a new intern here at Larsen Motorsports, and my goal is to inform any curious minds about jet engines, the science and engineering behind them, what happens here at Larsen Motorsports, and more! I am a current junior at Florida Tech getting my degree in aerospace engineering.

What I learn in my classes ties in perfectly with what goes on at Larsen Motorsports. For a little background, I grew up wanting to work with planes, rockets, and the like. My dad and I made yearly trips to air shows, and I remember sitting on his shoulders watching the Thunderbirds roar past us wondering just how they could even do that.

This stemmed into visits to various museums, realizing that there was more than just airplanes. There were helicopters, rockets, and even satellites. Space fascinated me, but so did the engineering behind putting things into space. I chose to study aerospace engineering, having no idea where it would take me.

Similarly, I grew up interested in racing. My dad was a professional racecar driver, and I was always interested in learning about what he experienced, how fast his cars went, and his scariest races. I thought it was cool that my dad had actually been driving that fast. Coming to Florida Tech, I got word about internships at Larsen Motorsports, and I knew I would fit in perfectly.

Fast forward a year and a half, and here I am! If you are interested in the science behind jet engines, aerospace engineering, becoming an engineer, etc., then my videos and blogs are the place for you! I promise to make the science behind the numbers fun, because engineering is fun!

Sit back, strap in, and stay tuned for more jet life updates!

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