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Who is Halley Sparx?

Halley Sparx never quite fit in. This started from a very young age. Her father, Dean, was a world renowned nuclear physicist, and her mother, Kathleen, was a successful architect. They were both highly educated and had excelled at their fields from the beginning of their careers. The same thing happened with Halley’s older brother Taylor. From a very young age he showed the same intellectual prowess as his parents. Then, there was Halley. At the age where girls were playing with dolls, Halley was playing with toy cars. She always had an affinity for things that went fast.


No one could quite understand this young girl. That is, until Halley met Max- her mentor. Halley’s love for cars and speed grew up with her. She ended up going to drag races every weekend, much to the dismay of both of her parents. They would have much rather had her stay at home and study, but Halley wasn’t having it. She found happiness at the race track. Max had seen Halley come to the races every weekend and could tell this girl had a passion for speed. It was then that he made the decision to take her under his wing. For a while, Halley was just doing odd jobs around the shop, trying to help in whatever way she could, but Max could see that Halley wasn’t truly happy. He also saw the way she got excited when the drivers were racing down the track. Thus, Halley began training as a driver. She was a natural, she finally found where she belonged. It didn’t take long for Halley to find her way to the top of the racing scene. She was beating veteran racers, who had been doing this all their lives. She had finally found her calling.

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