Behind the Comic

Elaine Larsen

Hi guys!!  My name is Elaine Larsen.

I have been driving Jet Dragsters for over 17 years.  I came up with the idea of Blaze when I was at the race track. Every time I get into my jet car, I put my fire suit on, and one day this little girl asked me if this was my "Super Suit." I said yes it is, it keeps me safe in case of fire. From there the idea just grew into a full blown comic. This comic means a lot to me, blending education and something fun like comics.  Having the ability to bring what we do to a new audience and hopefully getting that next generation excited about the high performance vehicles is exciting. I hope you enjoy the newest copy of Blaze and come see us at the races.


Moyra Boudhir

Heyo everyone! The name's Moyra pen name Kitchel. I was raised in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada.  I've had a passion for drawing since elementary school, and it hasn't faded since! My dream is to be able to create art for everyone to enjoy. I am so ecstatic to be able to illustrate for Blaze Re-Lit.  I first started drawing my own comics when I was in middle school. It was always something I really enjoyed doing. Manga and comics have always been a huge part of my life, so to able to illustrate for an ongoing comic is beyond exciting for me.


Aside from drawing I am a huge gamer. From playing MMORPGs, to MOBAs, to my current favorite game, Overwatch. Video games as well as anime have been a huge influence in my life and has helped to progress my art. I will continue to utilize these influences to create awesome art for everyone to enjoy!

Past Creators

Emily York

Hey there everyone! My name is Emily York and I am the author of the Blaze Re-Lit comic! I am originally from Chicago, Illinois, where I grew up playing softball. I live with my dad and my pup, Shadow. We are all huge Chicago Cubs fans, and in our spare time you can find us at Disney! I currently attend Florida Institute of Technology and am studying mechanical engineering. Eventually, I hope to work in ride engineering or something that has to do with theme parks and ride systems.


I started writing comics in high school, thanks to my fantastic creative writing class. I found that I really had a knack for it, and I really enjoyed creating stories and fantastic worlds. When I was given the opportunity to write Blaze, I jumped at the chance. Blaze Re-Lit was so much fun to write, and I’m so happy with how it turned out. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Jeannie Parker

Name: Jeannie Parker

Age: 23

Favorite Movie: The Right Stuff

Favorite Song (suitably): Girls/Fast Cars by the Wombats

Super Cool Comic-Drawing Origin Story: In middle school, a friend of mine started drawing anime characters and I was jealous, so I started drawing too. By high school I was drawing fancomics, and it spiralled from there.

Current Events: Living in Rockledge, FL, with two rocket scientists who suffer from a compulsive need to explain the wiring of christmas lights, but who are very helpful for getting up-close views of NASA launches and explaining how afterburners work. Previous jobs on the resume include ice-cream-scooper-person in the British town of York, and receptionist/bartender at an ice rink. My main hobby is playing rec league ice hockey; it’s my own version of the dragster racing rush.

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